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Dec. 23rd, 2012

dead inside

Holiday flu...

Is there something better than spend your Christmas holiday in bed, with a temperature of 38-39? I bet there isn't!
Oh, I'm such a lucky girl...On Friday I came back from Pavia, ready to spend a wonderful Christmas time with my family, but yesterday it began what I like to call "the worst which could possibly happen": fever! I hate so much fever, especially during holiday time!
I had to spend the last two days in bed, weak, trembly and with Pink Floyd's "Brain Damage" melody in my head (which wasn't that bad, since it a song I adore, but still singing it like an idiot isn't so good, especially when your family's around).
I really hope it's nothing serious and that tomorrow I'll feel better...I don't want to waste Christmas in such a manner...I have lots of things to do!
For example...I'd like to watch "Wreck-It Ralph": I don't know why, maybe it's because all those videogames references...
Anyway, it's not something I can control, is it?
Well, at least I have videogames and books! Lately I was full immmerged into the Skyrim's world: it's so addicting, and my little brother enjoys watching me playing it so much! Then, listening to the Dragonborn song always makes me feel so important!
Also, last week I started playing Assassin's Creed: I have never played this before, and I must admit it's not that bad! The story seems to be interesting, and the main character is so...epic! It's not the perfect game, but it's entertaining.
Speaking about books...I finished reading "Crime and Punishment" and now I'm starting with "Jules and Jim": I watched Truffaut's movie some weeks ago and fell in love with it. I think I'm going to love the novel too!
So...since I don't know if I'll manage to write something else here before Tuesday...merry Chrstmas to everybody! = )

Dec. 11th, 2012

dead inside

Waiting for the movie of the year...

You don't know how happy I am...Finally, "The Hobbit" will be out in the theaters!

Too bad I won't be able to watch it until Saturday, being in Pavia and all the rest...oh, I hope it's as good as "The Lord of the Rings" movies!

Dec. 7th, 2012

dead inside

Crazy people are crazy

Sometimes I wonder whether some people are crazy or not.
Some days ago I was at home (in Bergamo) and I was enjoying some little domestic peace, when I received a phone call from my flatmate's mother (my roomate, more precisely), who was whining about some stupid stuff that happened while I wasn't in Pavia. The "problem" was that one of my other flatmates invited her boyfriend to spend some days at our home, and this woman was enraged by that. Firstly, she asked me if I knew anything about that (which I answered no, and that was true); then she asked whether I agreed with the fact that relatives/love interests/friends of my flatmates could stay in our apartment for one or two nights.
I was a bit shocked about this, because it was something I never thought about. I mean, it's pretty natural that when you live with other people it may happen that these people may invite someone, I don't see anything bad in it: I was myself hosted by my ex-boyfriend in Bologna three years ago, so I just couldn't be against something like this, and I tried to explain it to her, but I don't think she understood the concept. She kept on babbling about invasion of privacy, boys who predate our homes and boys who were allowed to sleep in a place where only girls were living. It was horrible.
In the end, she tolde me she was going to make a copy of the key of our room, so we could close the door when we come back home for the week ends and be sure that no one comes there. At this point I was terrified. I really can't believe that someone like this woman still exists: we are in 2012, there's nothing bad if one girl's boyfriend come visiting her! What did she think when her daughter left home in order to attend university? That she had joined nuns?!?

So, the moral of the story is...I love my own mother so much.

This whole story upsets me so much (I still think abou it sometimes!) that the only thing that can make me feel happy again is listening firefighters choir music, like this one:

Oct. 31st, 2012

dead inside

Everything is ready...

Everything is ready for our "anti-Halloween" party! What? You don't know what an ant-Halloween party is?
Well...since we were never used to celebrate Hallowee,n every year when the 31th of October arrives, we always end up doing nothing, spending the entire evening around our villages and wondering why all those kids are acting as if it's Carnival (well, that one is something older people say!). So this year , my mother, my sister, my brother, my boyfriend (poor him, he loves me so much!) and I decided to "do nothing", but in a very special way: we're going to spend all the evening eating junk food and watching "The Cosby Show" reruns on TV. It seems a sad thing, but believe me: even after so many years I still love that series.
Now that I think about it, I just found out that the family's surname is different in the Italian dub: yes, because in the original show the main characters are the Huxtables, but in Italy we always have known them as the Robinson. It's not that I hate the Italian voice acting (on the contrary: Bill Cosby's Italian voice actor was Ferruccio Amendola, and I think whoever watched the Italian version of "Taxi Driver" may agree with me saying he was great), but I wonder... why did the Italian translators think that changing the names was a good idea? Oh, wait...I've almost forgotten that in the 90s the show was aired on the same channel  where they aired "The Nanny": in that series Italian translation the main character wasn't an American Jew, but an Italian migrant...Oh, Mediaset...you are so predictable sometimes! I'm not going to talk abuout the funny translations of the names of the anime chacarcters, also because they we're badly influenced by 4kids (so this was not entirely their fault...).
So, I have to go. Happy Halloween to everyone who celebrates it! I hope you have fun this night! = )

Oct. 28th, 2012

dead inside

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Snowy Sunday, oh yeah!
This morning, it started snowing. At the beginning it was only snow mixed with rain, but the the first had the best on the latter. Seeing the snow at the end of October is strange, but not unpleasant: everything is so white and soft! The arrival of the snow also means one thing: hot chocolate! Hooray! = )
Now that I think about it...this evening I have to go out to the youth centre and too much snow would be surely a problem...oh no...I already had to go around with such a bad weather, and it wasn't fun...I hope roads won't get too dirty...

So...as you may have noticed from my icon, I have a new "interest": last week I started watching "The Walking Dead" and now I'm at the beginning of season 3. This is all my sister's fault: she told me this show was amazing, and she was right! It's also true that in this last perios I'm in a "zombie slaughtering mod": first "Zombieland", then "High School of the Dead" (I'm looking forward the second season!) and now "The Walking Dead"...I don't know if I have to be worried or not! Whenever I think about my boyfriend I say; "Poor him!" XD

Anyway, talking about books...some weeks ago I finished reading the first boog of the Fire and Ice Chronicles saga: I really liked it, and now I'm searching for the other books. I know there's also a TV series based on this books (I watched some episodes a few months ago and I loved it) but I prefer to complete the book series before watching the show: I'm always like that when it comes to movie adaptations...I believe that in this way I will enjoy the series much more. The only exception was with "The Hunger Games": I watched the movie first, then read the first two books of the trilogy. Nice saga, really! I'm only a little doubtful about the love triangle between some of the characters (it's not the kind of things I like the most!) and about the writing style: it's fluent, and it sure cathc the reader, but I'm afraid that sometimes it's too much...simple! Anyway, I still have the last book to read...I'll let you know what I think!
In these days I'm reading "The Casual Vacancy", by J.K. Rowling: it's nice...totally different from all the Harry Potter stuff she wrote before! I haven't decided if I like this book, though: it's not because of the swearing or something like that...sometimes I find it very difficult to keep on reading: I think it's a matter of style, maybe with the Harry Potter series I never noticed it because it was a totally different genre, but in a story so desperate like the one she wrote about, I have to confess that it's not so easy!
By the way, for now the plot seems pretty interesting, with the slight criticisim to an hypocrite way of life (something we can also feel in her previous works), but I guess that I have to know the English society very good to fully understand it!

Wow...I'm re-reading what I just wrote...a pretty confusing post! I'm so sorry! I had so many things to say and I was afraid I forgot something! I think that's all, for now...= )

Oct. 12th, 2012

dead inside

Back again...

Oh my God, I havent' written here since July!
To my defense I have to say I was very busy: first of all my deserved holiday in Rome. I stayed there with my boyfriend form 21/08 to 25/08...it was such a wonderful time! I haven't visited Rome since...well, I think since I was 13, so I was so happy to be there again!
The only bad thing was the hot weather, but it was not a big deal: I resisted proudly!
Then there was university. Yes, I decided to go on with my studies and enrol at University of Pavia for the remaining two years of college. I am so excited, also because the course I chose seems to be interesting: it will focus mostly over cinema!
So I had to search for an home in Pavia, and believe me: that was a really big problem! First I tried to search for an apartment with a friend of my "brother-in-law": we found a nice place and we were about to sign the contract when this girl decided to quit, leaving me alone without my money (we had to leave a 100 € deposit): this was shocking, and I really wnted to strangle her. She told me she couldn't afford the apartment: well, maybe that was true, but then why did she tell me she wanted to help me, in the first place? And why did she agree to live in that house? In the end I was lucky, because the owner of the apartment was nice: he understood my situation and returned my money when he found other to people for his house. The fun thing is that this girl keeps writing me on Facebook asking how I'm going, as if nothing happened...
Anyway, I didn't give up: one month ago I found a really nice apartment with three other girls in the centre of the town and even if I haven't started my lessons yet, I moved there 3 weeks ago. I came back this week end, but I think next will I'll go there again.
Pavia is a nice little town, I'm happy to live there!

So, that's all for now...I hope to write again soon something more coherent and with much more calm!

P.S.: Wait...am I allowed to say that I "won" a Peace Nobel Prize? XD

Jul. 29th, 2012

dead inside

Again London 2012...

After yesterday I've come to a conclusion: Italians with weapons (especially bows, guns and swords) are dangerous.
Obviously I'm still talking about the Olympics: I was so proud to see Italian athletes win 5 medals in Fencing, Archery and Shooting, especially I was happy to see Di Francisca, Errigo and Vezzali conquer the podium.
I was particularly excited during Archery finals, Italy vs USA: both teams were so good, and it was an amazing match to see. Of course I'm happy for our archers (they deserved to win) but the Americans were though: until the last moment I didn't think they could make it with such good contestants.
Now we'll see what Italian team will do today: the Gymnastics girls did a good job...I hope they'll manage to get at least one medal! = )

The best thing is that I'm enjoying also other athletes matches: I'm not following or rooting only for my own country, because there are so many good athletes I really want to see doing well!

Wow, I'm so involved by these Olympic games! It's not only me: my entire family was taken by this "olympic enthusiasm"! We're watching almost all the games on TV, and we're learning so much about many sports! = )

Jul. 28th, 2012

dead inside

Watching London 2012...

Wow...Olympic Ceremony is just...great!
I'm watching it with my dad and evereything is just...wonderful, from Kenneth Branagh to Rowan Atkinson! Seeing JK Rowling was great: she was fantastic, as usual!
The show was funny to see, and I didn't find it boring, as someone said on Facebook and Twitter: sure, there were some calm moments, but they were all so passionate I always paid attention to everything that happened.
The only thing that disappoints me is the music: where are Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and The Who? Tell me, Danny Boyle: where are they? Yes, I was happy when I saw Battersea Station and Algie, but I'm not satisfied! I want more!

Italian Team was great: we were the most stylish ones, of course! ; )
I hope my country will do a greeat job during these Olympics: I know we can do it, I trust you...FORZA AZZURRI!

p.s. :I'm sorry for any grammar mistake, but it's so late, and I'm too lazy to check what I just wrote...forgive me, please! XD

Jul. 9th, 2012

dead inside

Graduation: achieved!

Yesterday a great week ended...why? First, on Tuesday I graduated! It was so exciting! That morning I was the third out of five other people, and I was so scared...I didn't want to make a bad impression on the professors, but believe me: when I went in the classroom I almost forgot what I was going to talk about! It was just like a dream: I said my name and began talking abou my thesis. The awesome thing was that they were actually listening to me: they were interested in what I was saying, and for me it was a great achievement, even if at the beginning I was so anxious I began to stutter...fortunately my supervisor encouraged me to go on and so I managed to end my speech in an honourable way.
As you can imagine, my family, my friends and my boyfriend were so happy! I really had fun during the party in the evening, even if I had to be a "good girl" because I had to wake up fresh and smiley for a meeting in Bergamo for my job...I know, it's stupid to have a party the day before a job meeting, but they e-mailed me only few days before my graduation, and by that time I had organized everything! What can I say? I'm a lucky person...

The other happy thing of the week regards my sister: yesterday she had her last oral exams for her "maturità" (high school final exams here in in Italy) and she passed! I'm so happy for her because she really deserved it: now we'll see what she'll do next year...

For now we are both just having fun...with our parents and brothers away (they went to Tuscany to visit some relatives of us), we are free to do whatever we want! Well...almost...I still have my job, and I have to keep my home cleand, and to cook, and to do some shopping...why am I so responsible?!?

Jul. 1st, 2012

dead inside

End of Euro 2012...

In the end my predictions were true. I feel a bit sad because Italy played very well during this tournament, but Spain is too much strong to be beaten.
I'm happy, though, because the team showed to everybody that they have good abilities and know how to play football: sure it was an improvement, if we remember what happened in 2010, and we all must thank Cesare Prandelli: a good team manager, a good coach, but above all a real "gentleman" inside and outside the field. He managed to create a good team and I really can't say anything against him.
Also, at first I didn't thing we could go that far: sure, winning the tournament would have been "the icing on the cake", but you can't always have what you wish.
About Spain...well, they are the strongest ones, it is pretty obvious.
I hope the Italian team will go on like this...they did a good job: it would be a shame if they waste all that they earned in the last months!

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